Shepherd Contemporary

At Shepherd Contemporary we offer individually tailored conservation and restoration treatments of contemporary paintings.

We aim to meet the needs of our clients by respecting the particular aesthetic of each work, placing due importance on the artist’s intentions and adopting a measured approach to any proposed treatment.

We apply a broad and up-to-date knowledge of the examination and analytical techniques required to assess the materials and methods used in contemporary works. Our treatment plans are devised with this understanding and conservation work is undertaken employing the latest techniques and materials.

We recognize the need for preventive conservation and provide expert advice on the long-term care of paintings. We also offer a range of collection care services including advice on handling, lighting, packing, environmental controls, collection surveys and monitoring.
Our conservators collectively have many years experience in a range of conservation disciplines and are accredited with The Institute of Conservation (ICON)

  • As accredited members (ACR’s) of ICON we support and follow their code of ethics
  • We have undertaken work for national and international museums and collections, constituting a diverse range of projects and complexity
  • Confidentiality and discretion are an integral part of our business practice
  • Our team has a wide knowledge base. We are able to work on a broad range of paintings and advise on issues of conservation care, restoration and technical services
  • Large format paintings may be treated within the studio or alternatively conservation may be undertaken in-situ (if this is considered more appropriate for the painting)
  • We also link with networks of professionals, including scientists and framers, providing us with a pool of expertise as required


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Conservation and Restoration of Paintings

Conservation and restoration treatments of contemporary paintings are individually tailored to allow sensitive interpretation of each work. We recognize the importance of respecting the aesthetic appearance of the work, adopting a measured approach to to our treatments.

Treatments include surface cleaning, varnish removal, consolidation, removal of overpaint, filling, texturing and retouching.

Where possible, and when considered suitable, we will liaise with the artist when treating their paintings.

Technical Services

Structural treatments are carried out with an understanding of the sometimes unusual and varied nature of materials and techniques found in contemporary paintings.

Where appropriate minimal intervention is undertaken; ensuring at the same time the long-term safety of the painting is of upmost importance.

Structural treatments include canvas tear repairs, strip-lining, loose linings, stretcher bar linings and inserts. Canvas linings may be subcontracted to experienced specialists. Minor repairs to paintings on panel are undertaken in-house. Extensive panel work is subcontracted to panel conservation specialists. Microclimates can be designed for delicate/fragile works.

Technical Services

High-resolution digital colour photography and macrophotography may be undertaken during treatments for documentation.

Professional photographic services are referred to specialists and can take place at our studio.

Ultraviolet Photography, Infrared Photography and X-radiography are undertaken in our studio.

Scientific Analysis of pigments and media may be carried out in-house or referred to specialists for in-depth analysis.

Consultancy: Condition & Treatment Reports

Condition reports are provided for works to be treated, artworks going on loan for exhibition, indemnity and insurance purposes. Reports can be carried out for buyers nationally and internationally who require expert advice on works of art prior to sale or purchase and for the monitoring of collections. Written and photographic reports are produced for all works examined and treated. In-depth reports including technical and scientific analysis can be provided as an aid for authentication and attribution.

Treatment reports are provided upon examination of the artwork and in consultation with the client.

Collection Surveys

Surveys of collections can be undertaken with written and photographic documentation and recommendations given for treatments should this be required.

Advice on the care of collections can also be provided, and include handling, hanging, lighting, transport and environmental monitoring.

Frame Conservation

Minor repairs to frames and reframing artworks can be undertaken in house. For additional protection, backboards, microclimates and inserts can be fitted into the framing device without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the painting.

Recommendations for new frames and hanging can also be given. We refer to frame experts for frame modifications, and major structural treatments.

Preventive Conservation

With contemporary paintings, we recognize the need for preventive care and we have an understanding and experience with the long term care issues that are required.

Following treatments, we can provide advice on the handling, hanging, lighting, transport and future care of the artwork. Preventive measures are also recommended and undertaken, for example the addition of backboards, and supportive backings including inserts, loose linings and stretcher bar linings.

Collection Care

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