Collection Care

Collection Care encompasses the measures that are required to prevent damage or long-term degradation to works of art.
We can devise a collection care programme, including:

  • Assessment and surveys of the collection
  • Environmental monitoring programs (light, temperature, humidity and pests)
  • Disaster planning
  • Written and photographic documentation
  • A maintenance plan as well as set priorities for treatment
  • Provision of a courier service with advice and documentation for works going on loan
  • Advise on storage, display, transport and conservation 


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Collections Surveys & Monitoring

Collection surveys can be carried out either by item or by sample selection. Examination and assessment of works can provide a set of treatment priorities and highlight issues with the collection that might require addressing. The survey can also be used as supporting documentation for grant applications.

The report can also involve: a survey of the collection's environmental conditions, including: temperature, humidity, light levels, pollutants, airflow, water damage and storage facilities.

Environmental monitoring can be undertaken over an extended period of time to provide more detailed information.

Courier Service for Works of Art in Transit

We examine and devise protection measures and give advice on suitable packing and environmental requirements at the exhibition site.

We offer a courier service, supervising the loading, packing and hanging of works of art and check that the exhibition site provides suitable environmental conditions regarding light levels, humidity, temperature and security. We will also accompany the artwork to and from the exhibition site if required.

Installation and De-installation of Works of Art

We provide advice on the handling, hanging and suitable environmental conditions for the display of your artwork – whatever the environment. We also offer a courier service to oversee the packing, transportation, installation and de-installation of your artwork.

Preparation of Artworks for Loan

We can offer advice and prepare works for display. This may include conservation treatments to ensure the artwork looks its best for display; frame conservation and preventive measures such as microclimates for panel paintings; attaching back-boards, inserts or stretcher bar linings for large format or delicate works, and ensuring that the artwork has the correct hanging fittings and packing.

Frame Conservation

Minor repairs to frames and reframing artworks can be undertaken in house. Other services include the fitting of backboards, microclimates within existing frames and recommendations for new frames and hanging. We work with frame experts for frame modifications, gilding, moldings, carving etc. and structural treatments. Frames can be designed for modern and contemporary works, which provide protection without adversely affecting the viewer’s experience.

Preventive Conservation Measures

We can provide reports following assessment of artwork/s. Measures may include: framing modifications or reframing, structural treatments, attaching backboards, loose linings or stretcher bar linings and inserts.

Advice on Handling, Hanging, Lighting, Transport and Future Care

We can examine and devise protection measures and give advice on suitable packing, hanging and environmental conditions regarding light levels, humidity, temperature and security.

Advice on Environment Controls

We can provide advice on environmental conditions regarding light levels, humidity, temperature, security and pest control. This can be part of a survey or monitoring programme for collections or for a single artwork.

Disaster Planning

Detailed planning and training has been proven to make a significant difference to the outcome of any accident or disaster. We are able to work with a range of professionals, who can be available to mitigate any damage to property.

Although no two events are the same, after due consultation, recommendations can be drawn up that will act as a guide for those present at the event. Training can also be provided to ensure that all members of the household or institution have clear guidance and are aware of their responsibilities.

Exhibition Services

Condition checks can be provided for artworks on display. Written and photographic documentation including treatment recommendations can be produced should this be required.

Treatments can be undertaken if required to ensure the artwork is stable during the exhibition.

We advise on packing and crating, climate control, installation and de-installation.